Do Bi-fold Doors Offer Security?

We cannot overlook bi-fold doors when we talk about modern door systems. They are attractive, elegant and easy to install. Moreover, they also bring the outdoors inside and maximise space.

Bifold doors in Sydney are very popular, but some people debate about their security level. They believe that security is paramount, especially when it comes to homes. However, from nowhere, these doors have earned an unsafe reputation. But this is not the case because these doors are just as safe as any other French or aluminium doors. All you need to do is to take sensible precautions.

Apart from safety, bifold doors offer numerous other advantages. If you want to find out how safe these folding doors are, please read on.

Multipoint locking system

Nowadays, modern folding doors offer a multi-point locking system. There is also an inline tracking system that holds the door in the bottom track and makes it difficult for the burglar to open the door without making a lot of noise.


While glazing helps to increase the thermal efficiency of your door, it also helps to improve security. This is where the internal glass panels of the folding doors overlap and provide excellent protection.

Misconception: They are not the target

Many people assume that folding doors are the easiest target and are therefore unsafe. This misconception arises when burglars target conservatories. However, this is not the case because bifold doors have nothing to do with security; in fact, these doors are even more secure. Burglars target conservatories because they are less secure than a house.

Moreover, bifold doors are more difficult to break into than a French or sliding door. So they are more secure.


If you have decided to invest in bi-folding doors, you need to make sure that you buy more secure ones that also match your home’s aesthetics. So, when purchasing a double door, pay attention to the locking system. Choose a system that is challenging for thieves but easy for you to operate. It is best if you opt for a multi-point locking system.