Casement Windows

Rainbow’s casement window combines elegance, style and strength. With most similarities as the awning window the casement opens from the side that is hinged which provides ventilation as required and is ideal for locations where you want a view with a large clear area of glass.

Available in a wide range of standard sizes or custom made to your specifications.


  • Maximize the view with large clear area of glass
  • Can be coupled to Rainbow’s doors, Double hung windows, Louvres and Fix panels


  • Fly screens or security screens
  • Colonial or Federation bars
  • Coloured corners, either transfers or separately glazed
  • Can hold up to 10.38 laminated glass
  • Acoustic seals for increased noise reduction

Standard colours: APO Grey, Brown, White, Black, Stone Beige & Primrose. Special colours are available on request.

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