Awning windows


Enjoy ventilation control without compromising privacy with Awning Windows

Perfect for all the rooms, awning windows offer controlled ventilation and ease of operation. While they appear to be fixed at the top, they have a small opening at the base, allowing for free airflow, while maintaining privacy. Owing to this feature, awning windows can be used for kitchens, sitting rooms, and even bedrooms. These aesthetically pleasing windows can warm up the ambience of the room.

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Awning Windows- Get the advantages of a fixed window, with the convenience of an openable window

While the awning windows may look fixed, they offer the convenience of an open window. Rainbow Windows offers the most stunning collection of awning windows. Our heavy-duty awning windows are set on sturdy, long-lasting frames, and have a chain winder for easy operation.
Our windows offer a balanced appearance and work as a tool for enhancing ventilation while shielding from harsh weather conditions like strong winds and rain.

Rainbow Windows- The house of elegant and stylish awning windows

Our awning windows are designed to enhance the elegance and style quotient of your home while improving air circulation. Sealed with a robust double perimeter sash, our awning windows can be customised to your needs. So, whether you need a standard awning window or a bigger one for larger windows, we have got you covered.

Why Rainbow Windows awning windows?

  • Robust aluminium frames to last for a lifetime
  • Stainless steel chain winder for easy operation
  • Frames available in varied colour options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy installation
  • Can be customisedCall us now to know about our premium-grade awning windows. Built to last longer, our affordable awning windows can be fully customised as per your requirements.

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