Double Hung Window

Rainbow’s double hung window provides greater ventilation by gliding up and down easily with our adjustable sash balances. It also has dual weather seals surrounding the entire frame to prevent dust and water penetration. The double hung window is perfect for locations that have external space restrictions, as no part opens outwards. Available in a wide range of standard sizes or custom made to your specifications.

Also available as Bay window, the double hung and fixed lite windows are coupled via an adapting unit to form a bay of virtually any size. A bay window allows more natural light into your room and makes a small room look larger.


  • Easy lifting
  • The ability the add or remove the optional fly screen from inside your home provides convenience and safety
  • Key lockable hardware in standard black
  • Can be coupled to Rainbows French door, Sliding door, Awning windows, Casement windows, Fixed-lites and Louvres


  • A security lock with the convenience of the same key for all your windows
  • Colonial Bars
  • Federation Bars
  • Coloured Corners, transfers or separately glazed
  • 6.76 Laminated glass and acoustic seals for increased noise reduction
  • Permanent vent

Available standard colours: APO Grey, Brown, White, Black, Stone Beige & Primrose. Special colours are available on request.


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