Are you looking for modern doors for your new home or a renovation project on a tight budget? In this case, there is no better option than an aluminium sliding door in Sydney that will not only fit your budget but also add value to your home. However, if you are not sure about the cost, this article will help you get detailed estimates.

Compared to other door materials, you may find aluminium sliding doors a bit expensive, but if you look closer, you can cut down the inflated cost depending on your budget. The price of aluminium sliding doors in Sydney is not fixed and depends on various factors. It may range from $350 to $2900+.

Below are the factors that make up the total cost of aluminium sliding door installation.


When installing aluminium sliding doors in Sydney, it is cheaper to choose standard dimensions. However, if you opt for custom made doors, you will have to pay more for the material, and the labour cost will also increase.

Door type

Another factor that significantly affects the door cost is the type of door. Whether you want to install an entry door, a French door, a security door, or an interior door, the price varies from $140 to $2,000, depending on your choice of door.

Type of glass

As with other factors, the price of your door will also depend on the type of glass you choose. If you choose ordinary glass, it will be cheaper, while it will cost more if you choose soundproof and high-quality glass doors.

Door installer

When considering other factors, this factor is sometimes overlooked. This is why they sometimes have to pay more as they have to hire different workers for different jobs. However, hiring a reputable door installer with good reviews and sufficient knowledge in carpentry, joinery, and construction can reduce the high cost.


Aluminium sliding doors are a lifetime investment. If you think they are too expensive, just save the unnecessary cost and hire a reputable door installer to get the best budget.

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